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Friday @ 4:30pm

The Public Circle LIVE! is a weekly live broadcast by Adam Olsen from the Saanich North and the Islands Constituency Office in Sidney, BC.

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The Public Circle Town Hall Series

Spring Town Hall Series

Following the spring session of the Legislature and the BC NDP’s first full budget there is a lot to update. I am excited to announce our Spring town hall series. Throughout the sitting I have had the opportunity in Question Period to press government on their salmon policy, the speculation tax, and a growing advertising […]

Celebrating the Saanich Peninsula youth health clinic

Statement celebrating the Saanich Peninsula youth health clinic

Following a six-month pilot project for a youth health clinic started by Dr. Kate Evans, it appears it is here to stay! There was need not just for physical but also for mental health support and Dr. Evans’ program not only got the support of the South Island Division of Family Practice, Peninsula Medical Clinic, […]

We still need oversight on climbing ad budget

We still need oversight on climbing ad budget

What is up with the advertising spending? During the last four years of the BC Liberals the BC NDP harshly criticized the former government for spending millions of dollars of taxpayers money on what amounted to partisan campaign ads. Well, recent reports have come out that even though we have an NDP government, the budget […]

Private Members’ Statement

March 12, 2018

Indigenous Language Revitalization

Hansard: Statements

March 15, 2018

Celebrating the Saanich Peninsula youth health clinic

Hansard: Question Period

March 15, 2018

We still need oversight on our climbing ad budget

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