Image of youth engagement at Stelly's Secondary

Youth listening lab

I remember fondly my time at Stelly’s Secondary. So I was full of pride when I introduced a group of Stingers in the legislature last month. The school, the teachers and administration played a critical role in a difficult part of my youth. I gave every reason to simply throw me out, but they never did.

VIDEO: Statement on Outdoor Classroom and Garden Project at Bayside Middle School


A. Olsen: This evening the Bayside Middle School in Brentwood Bay, my home community, is unveiling its outdoor classroom and peace and friendship garden. The year-long project is entitled “NEPENK√ĀUTW.” It’s a place of teaching. It’s a land-based learning and environmental stewardship and intercultural friendship project. The school’s administration, the parent advisory council, community members and local businesses worked together to raise the money to build this new space.