Statement celebrating ORCCA Dental Care Society


Making smiles on the Saanich Peninsula

The Oral Care for Children and Adolescents Dental Clinic Society (ORCCA) helps children who do not have dental insurance or whose parents cannot afford dental care. In short, they do great work out of an annex at Sidney Elementary. Today, I not only celebrate ORCCA but also what happens with the provincial government supports the incredible work of volunteers and citizens who step up to help those who need it.

Talking healthcare in Saanich North and the Islands

[Correction! The Jan.24/18 event with Hon. Adrian Dix starts at 6:30pm and doors open at 6:00pm]

This morning we hosted an excellent public discussion about health and wellbeing in Saanich North and the Islands.

During the month of January we are doing extensive consultations about healthcare, from service delivery to public access. I am learning a lot (I had a lot to learn). I am excited that we have had the opportunity to meet so many fantastic people over the past few weeks.