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Greens respond to decision to continue Site C


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December 11th, 2017

Andrew Weaver responds to Government’s decision to continue with Site C

VICTORIA, B.C. – Today Andrew Weaver responded to the NDP government’s decision to proceed with the construction of Site C.

“Our caucus is extremely disheartened by this decision. It is fiscally reckless to continue with Site C and my colleagues and I did everything we could to make this clear to the government.

“This government promised to be better than the B.C. Liberals. On this issue, the NDP government’s approach has turned out to be no different whatsoever.

“Since the beginning I have been concerned this would end up being a political decision. Today’s announcement reflects a sad reality for B.C., and British Columbians deserve better. They deserve a vision grounded in bold ideas that will enable our province to be a leader in the 21st century economy, not more empty campaign promises and political calculation.

“The government’s argument that cancelling Site C is too risky due to debt is incredibly cynical. This is a question of priorities. They had no problem adding billions onto the public debt to cancel the tolls on the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges, transferring those costs to people outside of the Lower Mainland to pick up votes in a couple of swing ridings.

“Today, Site C is no longer simply a B.C. Liberal boondoggle – it has now become the B.C. NDP’s project. They are accountable to British Columbians for the impact this project will have on our future.

“We have seen what is happening to ratepayers in Newfoundland because of Muskrat Falls, a similar project, where rates are set to almost double. I am deeply concerned that similar impacts are now in store for B.C. ratepayers.

“The lost economic opportunities from continuing with Site C are profound. Our caucus has met with dozens of local governments, First Nations and B.C. companies with viable alternative energy projects. As countries across the world embrace small scale distributed renewable energy, this decision keeps B.C. locked in the past and risks foregoing enormous opportunities.”


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8 thoughts on “Greens respond to decision to continue Site C

  1. If the Green Party has any ethical or moral compass they will bring down the corrupt NDP with a no-confidence vote ASAP

  2. What would bringing down the NDP achieve? It would not stop the dam, it could conceivably reverse some of the good things such as political donation limits.

    • Thank you for your comment John. We are focussed on providing a stable government for British Columbians. We are certainly not going to agree on every decision they make, and it would be no different no matter which party was in government. We still have a lot of work to do!

  3. Doesn’t sound like you’re concerned about the environment or the FN issues but simply scoring points around fiscal responsibility and governance – just like the NDP – this response is totally inadequate! Not enough to swing my vote.

    • Hello Flick. Thank you for your comment. I am definitely concerned about the environment and absolutely concerned about Indigenous issues. As a member of Tsartlip First Nation these issues are top of mind. We outlined a wide variety of concerns in Question Period and directly to government including environmental and Indigenous rights. This response was focussed primarily on critiquing the government’s rationale for continuing the project which has been widely criticized and for good reason. I appreciate your comment because it is important not to forget the reasons for stopping this project are many!

  4. Let us NOT throw Out the Baby with the bathwater, The N.D.P. is NOT corrupt you are confusing it with the Liberals which you would get backin if you brought down this government.

    • Thank you for your comment Lilli. The rationale for continuing Site C has been widely criticized and for good reason, it is full of holes. We were clear on our opposition to this decision. Site C is now the NDP’s project. As a member of the opposition, I will continue to work with government and hold them accountable for their decisions while offering solutions and alternatives.

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