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Our legislative and constituency work is regularly featured in local and provincial news. Here is an archive of the articles and stories we have caught.

News Clippings

January 25, 2018

Mother of Sooke boy with rare illness faces health minister at Sidney town hall

January 18, 2018

COLUMN: Health care in Saanich North and the Islands

“I felt it was important to learn more about the system serving our riding and how we can improve it.” – Adam Olsen

BC Greens piling pressure on NDP to ban foreign buyers in budget

“Recently, we proposed we follow the lead of many other jurisdictions across the world, such as New Zealand, by restricting non-resident ownership of real estate. We have also been proposing other solutions to restrict the impact of global capital and clamp down on speculation.” – Adam Olsen

January 17, 2018

Horgan dismisses call to ban foreign ownership of B.C. real estate

“We are in a crisis situation. There needs to be a bold action taken, and the number one thing we need to do is to address real estate speculation.” – Adam Olsen

January 16, 2018

Cash still needed for Stelly’s Cross Path

“I think there’s work that Central Saanich and Tsartlip need to do in terms of where the trail’s located, what side of the road it’s on, how long it is, [and] what kind of trail they would like.” – Adam Olsen

January 13, 2018

An interview with Adam Olsen, SN&I MLA

“It’s an honour to represent this constituency, this is a fantastic set of communities. Three municipalities, four First Nations and a handful of Gulf Islands, the diversity here is incredible and so is the potential of this place.” – Adam Olsen

January 3, 2018

‘It is no longer socially acceptable’: B.C. bans grizzly hunting

“After years of work on this file, my colleagues and I are absolutely overjoyed this decision has finally been made.” – Adam Olsen

December 18, 2017

NDP government ends grizzly bear hunting in B.C.

“Ending the grizzly hunt is a momentous accomplishment, but there is still work to be done to protect this species.” – Adam Olsen

B.C. Ends Its Grizzly Bear Hunt For Good

“The results of the government’s consultation were clear and government has listened — we couldn’t be more thrilled.” – Adam Olsen

Large-scale marijuana greenhouse farm coming to Central Saanich

“As the agriculture critic, I am fully – I’m gonna be fully engaged in this debate in this discussion with the minister of agriculture to make sure those values are preserved for British Columbians.” – Adam Olsen

December 3, 2017

Video: Green MLA Adam Olsen calls out politicians’ behaviour in question period

“I will not accept the rationalization that this is the way it is and so it is the way it will always be.” – Adam Olsen

December 2, 2017

Malahat LNG project scrapped

“The project’s economic case has always been dubious at best. It put the safety of tens of thousands of residents at risk and the environmental impacts were unacceptable.” – Adam Olsen

MLA tackles Peninsula issues

“We’ve historically, and continue to have a resource-based economy, but that is changing and disruptive technologies are taking hold.” – Adam Olsen

December 1, 2017

B.C. NDP, Greens flex partnership with swath of new policy achievements

“We’ve found that the BC NDP have been very open and receptive to our ideas, to our critique.” – Andrew Weaver

Steelhead LNG terminal no longer planned for Saanich Inlet

“I’ve had some very substantial concerns about the LNG industry exporting natural gas, but more specifically and closer to home, I’ve always held and maintained publicly that the Saanich Inlet is not the place for such heavy industrial activity.” – Adam Olsen

November 21, 2017

BC Green Party: We’re kicking ass in stuck in the mud BC Legislature

“I would say that we’re playing a really important role in the legislature, dragging our government kicking and screaming into the 21st century.” – Adam Olsen

November 16, 2017

Gordon Clark: Greens lay out alternatives for B.C. Hydro

“The beauty of an integrated electricity generation network of large hydro dams and renewables, he said, is that power generation by the dams can be increased or decreased when the alternative sources are producing less or more energy.” – Exerpt

November 5, 2017

BC Greens push NDP for crackdown on dozens of unregulated dams

“Is the Oil and Gas Commission doing its job in policing the industry?” – Adam Olsen

November 2, 2017

COLUMN: A government working together

“Relationships are work. They require trust and deep commitment to communicate with each other and respect differences.” – Adam Olsen

November 1, 2017

MLA Puts Indigenous Concerns On Provincial Agenda

“I hope that we will debate and discuss this bill in this House. Perhaps we could send it to the Select Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs, of which I am a proud part.” – Adam Olsen

October 29, 2017

Green MLA proposes protection of Indigenous sacred sites

“This bill represents a first step toward recognizing that Indigenous burial and sacred heritage sites should have the same respect and protection as non-Indigenous sites.” – Adam Olsen

October 27, 2017

Giftwrapped Disasters: Greens press NDP to Eliminate Homebuyer Program

“I would love for that program to be gone,” he said. “It just seems to me like this was a completely wrongheaded approach and a disaster gift-wrapped for first-time homebuyers from the previous government, and it would make sense to get rid of it.” – The Tyee

B.C. reluctant to impose ban on foreign home buyers

“We are very much encouraging our current government to take a measured and proactive approach – but a measured approach – to ensure that that we can start to let some air out of the bubble, for lack of a better term.” – Adam Olsen

October 19, 2017

B.C. Green politicians become major power brokers with savvy tactics and principled stands

“The public is being left with the impression that Green politicians are prepared to work constructively with other parties to find solutions. But they’re still principled enough to criticize their opponents when they feel this is warranted.” – The Georgia Straight

October 18, 2017

Opponents of LNG in Saanich Inlet remain vigilant

“All it takes is one member of a Douglas Treaty nation to say no, and if [Steelhead LNG] do not understand this, they will not be successful.” – Peninsula News Review

Tensions rise in fish farm dispute

“It is our fight and it is our right to have wild salmon — it is our birthright nothing short of that.” – Chief Chamberlin

October 17, 2017

B.C. Greens to introduce ride-sharing plan; blame NDP and Liberals for stalling

“There are companies in this province looking to start the B.C. version of this. We need to be preparing B.C. for the future. That means dealing with the recent past and we’re not doing any of it.” – Adam Olsen

October 15, 2017

B.C. Greens achieves party status, but it comes with less funding

“Any time that multiple people get elected under the same party banner, they need the resources and legislative opportunities to function.” – Adam Olsen

October 11, 2017

MLA’s Column: Government Working Together

“When we lack the collaboration and communication necessary to create policy that is a well-informed pursuit of effective solutions, we fail our constituents.” – Adam Olsen

October 5, 2017

BC Greens must learn from campaign finance reform backlash, MLA says

“It’s important that we are clear from the outset what a piece of legislation is trying to accomplish. I think there is some learning, perhaps from the government but definitely from us. We have a responsibility, we will look at what we need to do in terms of how we communicate what is trying to be accomplished – we need to be fully transparent.” – Adam Olsen

October 3, 2017

Bill tightens lobbying rules for political insiders

“What’s most important is we get the rules tight and we get them to the point where we can be proud of them in British Columbia, and we’re not there yet so we’ll work towards that.” – Adam Olsen

October 1, 2017

BC NDP’s earmarking of funds for power-sharing agreement with Greens spurs Liberal criticism

“The success of this government is about communication and us working together. Rather than tearing this down, we should be celebrating it.” – Adam Olsen

September 28, 2017

Solving BC’s housing crisis will take courage, big moves

“The province we live in is in very serious trouble if people are feeling vulnerable in their homes. I’m going to be advocating government to take substantive action, but doing it in a controlled way so that we can understand what the implications are and what the impacts are.” – Adam Olsen

September 21, 2017

Cost estimate for proposed Stelly’s theatre coming soon

September 18, 2017

BC Government bans corporate and union donations

“The undue influence of special interests through our province’s lax campaign finance laws has led to cynicism and to people feeling like their voices are not heard.” – Adam Olsen

September 15, 2017

BC Government to review allegations of Port Mann overspending

“The allegations are troubling and British Columbians deserve answers on whether their money was misspent on this project.” – Adam Olsen.

September 11, 2017

Olsen pledges to help heal rift caused by Salt Spring Island vote

“We have a responsibility to help the community heal and I am focused on that. Now is not the time to turn our attention away from this important discussion about community governance but rather to continue it in a compassionate and productive way that respects the democratic decision of Salt Spring Islanders while seeking solutions to the very real governance challenges that exist on the Island and throughout the Southern Gulf Islands.” – Adam Olsen

September 6, 2017

George Massey Bridge construction halted as project is sent to independent review

“The project is not part of the Mayor’s Council 10 year plan for regional transportation. It is essential that such costly and major projects be planned in an integrated fashion in cooperation with municipal officials so that we can meet the transportation needs of British Columbians in the most efficient and cost-effective way.” – Adam Olsen

August 19, 2017

B.C. Greens gather in Sidney for party’s first convention since historic election

“I think there’s a sense we’ve got a job to do in Victoria. In the past, the Greens were putting out principled and really strong ideas, we were on the outside looking in. Over the last term, we had Andrew working in the legislature but now there’s three of us there.” – Adam Olsen

August 10, 2017

Government Action on Kinder Morgan

“It is time to change the relationship with First Nations in British Columbia and this new minority government has a chance to do things differently when it comes to working with First Nations on projects that impact their communities.” – Adam Olsen

July 28, 2017

Vancouver launches Ice Box Challenge to show benefits of high-performance buildings

“We often focus mainly on what the countertops are going to look like, or what the cabinets are going to look like, or what the siding is going to look like first, before we talk about what the insulation and the building envelope and the structure and the integrity of that structure… the structure is really the most important element of the home.” – Adam Olsen

July 25, 2017

Future of BC’s Grizzly Trophy Hunt Uncertain as Fall Hunt Approaches

July 23, 2017

BC NDP to press on with LNG support; Green allies remain opposed

“LNG is going in the wrong direction.” – Adam Olsen

Green MLA backs grizzly trophy hunt ban

“I look forward to moving policy forward that effectively ends trophy hunting of grizzly bears.” – Adam Olsen

July 20, 2017

First Nations Remind NDP about Election Promises 

“It’s important for us to sit down with Indigenous leadership and have a discussion about what consent means. No government can come up with an answer on its own.” – Adam Olsen

July 14, 2017

Saanich Peninsula mayors weigh in on government change next week

“I won’t say that I won’t be reaching out to Adam (Olsen). We have a good working relationship and those relationships can be important. I’m an optimist and I know we’ll continue to do some good things on infrastructure.” – Mayor Ryan Windsor