Photo of the office boardroom in our Sidney office

Your Office

#215-2506 Beacon Avenue
Sidney, BC V8L 1Y2


We can help if:

You are a resident of Saanich North and the Islands

Your matter is with a provincial government agency

You have not already retained a lawyer to represent you, and your matter is not already pending before the courts

How we can help:

Provide information on locating government services and contact information

Assist in understanding government policies and services

Assist in navigating through government bureaucracy

Ensure due process is being followed

Attend community events

Provide congratulatory messages

We are unable to:

Offer you legal advice or assist you with legal action

Overturn the decision of any provincial government ministry or body

Influence independent offices, such as the Ombudsperson, Police Complaints Commissioner, and Representative for Children and Youth

Change the time limits for filing appeals

Become involved in federal or municipal matters

Office Vision

The Saanich North and the Islands constituency office delivers exceptional service and is recognized as a leader in British Columbia in engaging the public and increasing participation in our provincial democracy.

We want a vibrant constituency office, a place to connect. A place for you to offer ideas, find solutions to our common challenges, and build strong community. We all pay for it and so it is truly your office.

Our approach is part service centre and part laboratory. My team helps you access services you need, the office is a space for people to gather, and additionally, we host community events. You can help us create a space for public participation in our democracy.

We have ideas, and we want yours as well. Share your ideas at one of our Dialogues, send us an email or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Image for the Public Circle

Community Dialogues

We are hosting regular Community Dialogues in our office. Although the topic is chosen, the path of the conversation is up to the people who attend. Join us to share your concerns, ideas and solutions. Find out about upcoming Community Dialogues on the events page.

Town Halls

Twice annually we host a series of Town Hall meetings in locations throughout the riding. The event opens with a 20 minute update about the ongoing legislative and constituency work, followed by a 70 minute question and answer. Sign up to our newsletter to stay informed about upcoming Town Halls in your neighbourhood.

Open Office

Our office is a public space for Saanich North and the Islands. It’s more than a space for me to conduct my local business, it is a space for us to gather, a centre for dialogue, and a laboratory for democratic participation.

Your office is available for you to use. We have a multi-purpose room with space for 20-25 people and a boardroom that can comfortably hold 15 people. If your community group needs a place to meet, feel free to book either space – as long as it’s not in use – it’s yours!

Send us an mail and we’ll find a time for you to use the space.

Constituency Staff

Aldous Sperl

Photo of Aldous Sperl

Chief of Staff

Aldous Sperl has an MA in Human Geography and a BA in International Relations. He has a keen interest in environmental and social policy in our province and has worked in the legislative offices of Andrew Weaver and Independent MLA Vicki Huntington. In his spare time, he is usually out on his kayak or in the mountains of Vancouver Island.

Aldous manages the office and liaises with the Legislative staff on provincial and local issues.

Ryan Clayton

Constituency Assistant

Ryan Clayton has a BSW from the University of Victoria. He has worked as a counsellor and a youth advocate in the past and is motivated by the desire to help others. He has served as the co-chair of the city of Vancouver’s LGBTQ committee, and recently as vice-chair of Saanich’s LGBTQ committee.

Ryan manages all casework for the office and is the first person you see as you walk in the door!

Laura Parker

Laura Parker

Outreach Coordinator

Laura’s life journey has taken her from being a Residential Counsellor at Huronia Regional Centre in Ontario to completing her Masters of Science in Audiology at a U.S. naval base in Japan. After practicing as an Audiologist for a decade, Laura engaged in web development, social media and sustainable house design. After building “The biggest little house in Sidney” with her partner, Laura worked as Constituency Advocate for Elizabeth May and as national Media Monitor during the last federal campaign. Laura strives for excellence and is deeply honoured to be part of Adam’s support staff.

Laura coordinates volunteers and manages our many in-office and community events. If you want to join our amazing team, contact her at: